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Make Extra Money From Downloading iOS Apps

Everybody wants to make a little extra money. I wanna talk about the best app (in my opinion) for making some extra money. This app is ONLY for iOS at the moment but should be on android soon. The app I'm talking about is TryMyApps TryMyApps is a company which pays you to download and play FREE games, the requirements are very simple 1. Search The Keyword 2. Find the app 3. Download 4. Play for 5 minutes 5. Done Every app download is worth 0.25€, they payout through Alipay and PayPal , the minimum Payout is $10. I've been credited for every app I've downloaded so far, I'm already up to $2 and only had it for a day. I've always had a problem with Other Apps like FeaturePoints , GrabPoints , FreeMyApps etc not giving credits after downloading and playing the app. Another thing I love about this app is most of the time you have to press a verification button which pretty much says your done playing the app and ready for your credits, the thing I l