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Earn Money Playing Games

Everybody loves playing games and earning money.

Well, today I have a awesome way to do just that.

The app in question is called Plunder League, which is currently only available for iOS (the developers say android is coming very soon).

Plunder League isn't like other "play games to win money" Apps you don't have to spend anything to join the tournaments, you just open the app, press join now, download the game, then open it from the AppStore.

After downloading then opening it, you will get a notification saying "you're in!", the way you win is simple, score the highest and you win the jackpot.

The current selection of games are slim, they have wonky ship, Cross Road, Stunt Car Challenge 3, 2048 Dragons, and Football Touchdown.

The jackpots range from $5 to $20, Runner Ups win $1, the tournaments usually last 1 day, but some other tournaments will last upwards of a week, The more people they have, the bigger jackpots there will be.

They've also recently added a referral system, which gives you 200 coins whenever the person you referred plays in a tournament.

The tournament sizes range from 100 - 300 players, this can seem like a lot but most of the time there's only 50 - 100 that join.

They Payout via Giftcards,such as ITunes, Google Play, amazon, and Visa Prepaid.

They work on a coin system, so 300 coins = $1, which isn't bad at all since most of the time 1,000 coins will equal a $1.

The developers are extremely active when it comes to the players, I recently left a review stating "jailbroken users will have a huge advantage", They quickly replied back (within 4 hours).

I won't lie, yes some tournaments are near impossible to win in due to jailbroken users bypassing IAP, but not all the tournaments are like that.

Most tournaments are pretty fair, just because you're behind doesn't mean you won't win, like they said in the reply, they have somebody which verifies the scores, so number 1 can be disqualified along with multiple others.

I can't wait to see what games they add in the future, and what jackpots will be coming.

* Plunder League (iOS)
* (Official Site)


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