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Reigns Big Update

If you're a fan of Reigns [$2.99] then your in for a treat, today Devolver Updated Reigns with over 100 New Cards.

- 1 new character
- 3 new deaths
- 5 new objectives
- 1 fake elephant
The main plot should be slightly easier to solve now. The game should be slightly less repetitive. If you want to reset the game, touch the screen with 2 fingers for 5 seconds.

This update came out of nowhere, it's been a year since the mobile version went live (since the mobile game was released in 2016).

I'm not exactly sure if this update also got pushed to the PC version, but if I had to guess I would say yes.

Who knows what else devolver has up there sleeves for 2017, more updates?, reigns 2?, DLC?, only time will tell.

The thing that kinda makes me think of DLC is what Devolver Says in the Update log "Free Update"

Makes it sound like there will be a Paid update sooner or later.

I'm really excited to see what Devolver Digital Does for Reigns in 2017.


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