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Death Road To Canada Tips

Everybody knows how hard death Road To Canada is, with randomly generated areas, outcomes, and people the game can get super challenging, With challenge comes frustration, dying over and over again to countless sieges and random events, or your car breaking down (because you wasn't paying attention to the fuel), so many things can happen in a blink of an eye. I want to share some helpful tips with you guys to help you get to Canada. I have never beaten Death Road To Canada, the closest I've gotten is 2days away and that was one of my first times playing (pure luck). All the tips that are mentioned below helped me a ton when playing, I have the PC and Mobile version. These tips apply to both versions of the game, I will be coming out with some strategies soon. I will also be providing links to both versions (mobile & PC) of the game at the end of the post. I've also created a Trainer for the PC version which will be available at the end. The developer RocketCat Games said Android will be getting Death Road To Canada Very Soon so don't feel left out android users.

* Only send 1 person to loot (less people, less loss)
* Make sure to have a paranoid party member they have many, many benefits
* Throw Objects as much as possible (chairs, tables, etc)
* Try to knock zombies down then hitting them (zombies that are knocked down take extra damage)
* Food is not much of an issue, starving death is super hard in this game.
* Recruit as many people as possible (more people more power)
* Hold down "start car" button (it's faster than tapping)
* The junkyard has a safe hidden within, along with a combination to the safe (big rewards for opening said safe)
* Close doors behind you (kinda slows the hordes down)
* Do not risk dying if you have enough supplies for the next days
* If a party member dies pick up the loot they drop
* Cars with twinkle lights will give you gas, the longer you wait the more gas you will get from it
* Skill upgrades permanently stay, so make some useless runs to power level
* Keep your morale up as much as possible, its single handily the most important stat
* Never make a Molotov cocktail (they will end up killing you)
* You can repair your car 3 - 4 times before it takes a whole day then won't be repairable anymore
* Always choose the smallest car (for better gas efficiency)
* Never go for dogs all they can do is attack
* If you have more foods than meds and bandits show up just pay them, you won't be able to afford the injuries
* Never risk going out past 8pm or midnight, it is a death sentence
* Sieges after 10 days are near impossible without guns
* if you have the ammo, equip the AI with a gun, surprisingly the It isn't to bad with a gun
* Do not panic when a zombies grabs or bites you, just calm down and find an escape route
* Don't use any pipe bombs or grenades till the end game

Just to warn everybody, there is a huge 3hour siege near the end game, make sure you are prepared for this siege. There's also some swarms after the 3hour siege. These are all the tips I could scrap up, I really hope these help you make it to Canada. One more thing, there's a secret room inside the factory/sewer of the last siege (the room is usually in the middle) that has a stockpile of food/ammo/meds etc, make sure to find this before continuing to the final stages. I hope everybody finds this useful. I'll see you guys next time.

* Death Road To Canada (iOS)
* Death Road To Canada (PC)
* Death Road To Canada Trainer (PC)


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